Boss's Day Gift Ideas!

Boss's Day Gift Ideas!

Do you say Boss's Appreciation Day or National Boss's Day? Whatever phrase you use, October 16 is coming very soon! Don't miss an opportunity to celebrate a good boss, past or present.

What makes a good boss?

The characteristics of a great boss vary and many times those characteristics will be personal to you and your colleagues. Below are a  few things that we can probably all agree should be on the list of what makes a good boss.


      A fantastic boss doesn't just manage tasks; they inspire greatness. They make you believe you can move mountains (or at least tackle that mountain of emails). For instance, this inspiration can come from just them being open, honest and leading by example.

        Listening Skills

          A great boss knows that listening is a superpower. They pay attention to your ideas, concerns, and suggestions, and they're not afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive into the trenches with you.


          This can manifest in several ways and this article showcases some of the ways you see encouragement displayed in the workplace. If you're seeing some of these things, you may have a boss that focuses on encouragement.


              Not just a leader, but a mentor. They nurture your skills, offer guidance, and help you grow both professionally and personally.

              Your boss may be great at some or all of these but most importantly, whatever the combination, it should be right for you and where you are in your career. The definition of a good boss is personal to you and National boss's day allows you to celebrate that person and show them some appreciation.

              How do I celebrate my boss?

              The best approach is going to be something that works for you and your boss. It can be something simple or you can partner with your colleagues and spend a little more money on a group gift idea. 

              No matter the option, the acknowledgment, thought and intent will go a long way and your boss will appreciate the effort. 

              Boss's Day Gift Ideas

              A Handwritten Note

              Write a heartfelt Thank You note, expressing your appreciation. Above all, it allows you to thank your boss for their contributions to your professional growth and development and their efforts to support a healthy work/life balance.

              Focus on the things that you truly appreciate and the authentic message will be appreciated.

              A great Thank You Card is the perfect place to put that authenticate message and Add Pink and Stir has some great Letterpress printed Thank You cards that can help you send your message of appreciation and make an impression.  Check them out here.


              boss's day thank you card

              Gifts of Gratitude

              A thoughtful gift goes a long way as a token of your appreciation. Send an individual gift or get a group of your colleagues together to send a unique gift that stands out. These Notecard sets are practical, useful, and will be unique because they are personalized! The great part is your boss will probably use these later down the line to congratulate YOU for a job well done. It's a win-win! Check them out here.

              Boss Day Gift Personalized Notecard Set

              These are just a few suggestions that could make the selection a bit easier. The ultimate decision of course will be yours. Showing your appreciation doesn't always mean giving a gift so don't feel pressure. The handwritten message option above is just as good and will be equally appreciated.  Here's to celebrating a mentor and source of inspiration!

              Let us know in the comments how you plan to celebrate your boss this year...

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