Quick and Easy Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

Quick and Easy Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

I am a big fan of using a bullet journal as a planner and every week I create a spread to capture what I need to accomplish for the week. My days have been packed, with lots of tasks to complete so I needed to get it done quickly. This week’s bullet journal layout I kept simple and easy out of necessity.
This layout is great for a bullet journal beginner. These are just a few of the steps I took to achieve this cute and simple weekly spread.

Step 1. Create Guidelines

This is where I spent most of my time because I find that it helps the following steps flow more easily. I measured equal distances from the edges to ensure I could get equal boxes, or as close as possible.

A flatlay with notebooks, pens and a right-angle ruler

Step 2. Add Headers

Next up, I added the headers for each block in my regular handwriting, nothing fancy this week. With this style of layout I usually have a calendar view of the current month in the first box and then of course the other boxes are for each day of the week, I start my week on Mondays.

A flatlay of a notebook with a bullet journal layout

Step 3. Add Design

Moving on to the fancy stuff. In this case, this week's fancy is simple and easy to achieve, just circles (dots) on the left side of each block.


 Step 4. Add a little Color

The final and the easiest step is adding a bit of color to the mix.


Rushing through this layout and I made lots of mistakes even with the use of guidelines. I could have flipped the page and created a new spread, made it "perfect" but I didn’t have the time. I used some "wite-out" and I was able to make corrections and get it all done and right now, done is better than perfect. Now to fill this in with all this work that needs to get done for the week.

Layout of a bullet journal spread

Tools I used:

Let me know if you try this one, it's a great bullet journal layout if you are a beginner or if you are short on time. 

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